The holiday season is coming to a close. Perhaps you or a loved one received new gadgets or products or you are currently in the market for new appliances or televisions in the new year. It is important to stay vigilant on the dangers that defective and recalled products can pose to you or your loved ones. Any product can be dangerous if it is poorly designed or if the manufacturer fails to provide sufficient instructions on the proper use or warnings about potential dangers.

Did you know that some of the most dangerous products out there are actually children’s toys? Toys can pose a danger to young children if they aren’t clearly labeled for the appropriate age group or if the manufacturer fails to provide sufficient warnings about any hazards the toy presents. Toys could also have lead paint or other toxins that make children sick.

Toys and other products can malfunction in a number of ways, creating a dangerous situation in your home. It is important to stay informed on the risks of a particular item before and after you bring it into your home or gift it to someone else. Read all of the instructions and warnings before introducing it into your daily routine and supervise its use, especially if it’s a product intended for children, as you never know when an item can malfunction due to a manufacturing flaw.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides the most up-to-date information on recalled products, including information on how to receive a replacement product or refund. You should regularly check with CPSC for new alerts. In addition, you should always send in the registration cards that come with new products, so that manufacturers can alert you if a defect is discovered in a product you have purchased.

If a defective product causes you harm – regardless of whether it has been recalled or not – you need to understand your rights. Generally, you can hold manufacturers accountable for defective products if such products were used in the correct manner and resulted in an injury. Our team can help you pursue a defective product claim to receive compensation from the manufacturer responsible for getting the dangerous product into your hands.

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