Attorney Mike Trentalange secures medical malpractice recovery for couple whose son was born with severe birth defects.

July 23, 2018, Tampa, FL – A Tampa, Florida Jury returned a $41.1 million verdict in a medical negligence case tried by Mike Trentalange of Trentalange & Kelley, P.A. The jury found in
favor of a Hillsborough County couple who was never made aware that their son was at highrisk of being born with severe brain damage.

The jury returned its verdict following a two week-long trial, finding that local obstetricianMohamed Abdel Aziz was negligent for failing to completely review an ultrasound report and discuss those results with the plaintiffs. Despite initialing the report and telling the plaintiffs that “everything was fine,” Dr. Aziz did not read the summary and recommendations section on the last page of the report, which revealed the possible likelihood of profound brain deformity and birth defects and recommended further diagnostic testing.

Unaware of the risks to their child, the plaintiffs did not seek any specialized prenatal care nor did they discuss their options with other physicians or specialists. Following birth, the plaintiffs authorized extraordinary measures to save his life without knowing the source of his medical problems. Their son – now 2 – is deaf, blind, requires a feeding tube, is on a ventilator 24 hours a day, and suffers from daily seizures. He has been hospitalized multiple times and has no quality of life. His only movement occurs during seizures.

Tampa-based attorney Mike Trentalange said the verdict and jury award was the first step in bringing justice and peace to the couple, who were robbed of the chance of making informed decisions on behalf of their child and who have spent the last two years providing him with around-the-clock care.

The jury awarded $15 million to each parent for mental anguish, $10 million for future medical expenses, and $1.1 million for past medical expenses for the care of their son.

Sarah Lesch/Mike Trentalange can be reached for further comment at (813) 727-4077 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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