Medical Malpractice: An Unfortunate Reality

Here’s a story from an Experience Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyer…

We rely on medical professionals for accurate diagnosis, quality and timely care, and improvement or treatment of a medical condition. Most of the time, we receive quality care from these medical professionals, but other times, a deviation from the standard of care can result in further harm or even death to the ones we love.

Take for example a woman taking care of her elderly father with Parkinson’s Disease. Her father has limited mobility due to the Parkinson’s, but has some range of motion and can communicate his needs clearly. After experiencing cold-like symptoms with a severe cough for several days, the woman takes her father to the hospital for treatment.

At the hospital, her father was diagnosed with pneumonia and treated with medication. Within days, his coherency and motor skills decreased drastically, causing him to be admitted to a short-term care facility. At the short-term care facility, his condition continued to deteriorate and he was dead within a month.

Aside from grieving the loss of her father, the woman is confused and searching for answers on what happened that caused her father’s death. Could the medication admitted at the hospital the first night been counter-indicated to Parkinson’s Disease and have been responsible for what happened afterwards? Could her father’s death been prevented with proper care by the doctors at the hospital?

Medical malpractice laws are designed to protect patients’ rights to pursue compensation in cases where negligence lead to further harm or death, however these cases are complex, so it is essential to get timely advice and representation from a medical malpractice attorney. If you or a loved one have received questionable care, consult a medical malpractice lawyer. A qualified medical malpractice attorney can discuss your case with you and help you determine your best options. At Trentalange & Kelley, we can help you get the answers you need and the justice you deserve.

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