As our loved ones begin to age, we often see the benefits of having more expert care and attention given to meet their healthcare needs. Our busy lives may not allow for us to spend quality time with aging parents nor are we completely qualified to know what is needed in every situation.


Most nursing homes are there to assist you with a quality experience to make sure your elderly parents are well attended to. However, there is always the fear of negligence or abuse in nursing home situations.


Residents of Florida’s Nursing Homes have rights designed for their protection, including the right to be free of abuse and to receive proper care, medical and otherwise. There is no excuse for negligent behavior by the very people we entrust to care for our loved ones.


If nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse occurs, then they must be held accountable. Our goal is to care for the victims of nursing home abuse and elder neglect victims and to prevent further abuse from ever happening again. There are many ways nursing home abuse hurts elderly people and dependent adults including:


  • Failing to adequately staff nursing homes
  • Failing to screen the hired staff members
  • Falsely claiming to provide superior care, while cutting costs
  • Cutting costs so much that the care is inadequate
  • Abusive verbal communications
  • Abusive physical handling on the elderly
  • Negligent Security


Recent changes in Florida law have left Nursing Home Residents even more vulnerable than before. If you suspect your loved ones are not receiving proper care, we can help.

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