Nursing home residents are among our most vulnerable citizens. They deserve a level of care that is respectful and compassionate which, for the most part, they receive. Yet, there are times that people take advantage of those that can not defend themselves. A recent case in New York, charges a social worker with pushing a nursing home resident to the floor and then kicking her while she is down. According to authorities, the resident suffers from a brain injury and seizures, is a high risk for falls, and cannot take care of herself.

Seeking justice for unthinkable crimes like this is what must be done. It is illegal to mistreat our nursing home patients.   Many nursing homes require patients to agree to resolve any disputes through binding arbitration, but effective November 28th, new nursing home standards reverse this long-standing industry practice and preserve the rights of patients to sue in cases of abuse or neglect.

Know the signs of nursing home abuse:

-Unexplained withdrawal from routine or previously enjoyed activities


-Sudden changes in financial situations

-Unexplained bruises or injuries

-Failure to take medication

-Unexplained weight loss

-Strained or tense relationships with caregivers

Often the elderly will not report the abuse due to confusion or fear. Look for the signs and then protect them and others. If your loved one is being abused, chances are there are more. Call someone with experience fighting for the elderly.

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