Most of us buy cars not just based on the look and price point of a car, but also on the safety record. We want cars that have safety features that are proven and tested as ways to keep us more protected should we get into a car accident. Questions about airbags are one of the top safety concerns from car buyers. And once we learn where the airbags are in our car and how they are supposed to function, we assume that should the time come the bags will be there for you.

Statistics show that airbags reduce the risk of dying in a head-on collision by about 30 percent. That is significant and a major reason why they are so important and a part of every car manufacturers safety plan. The problem is when they don’t do what they are supposed to do. There have been ten deaths linked to one airbag manufacturing company, Takata, that put faulty airbags in millions of car with some evidence that this company knew about the problem and continued with sales. While the affected vehicles have been recalled, there are still millions that are on the roads.

Common Airbag Problems:

  • Missing Airbags

Selling a car with a missing airbag is considered fraud and is punishable with possible prison time in many states.

  • Airbags fails to deploy during an accident

Airbags are supposed to be tested and able to react to accidents, according to certain conditions like a head on collision. A leading car maker in India was accused of faulty engineering when the airbags did not open during an intense, head-on collision causing severe injuries.

  • Manufacturer Defect

Like the Takata airbag issue, a company can produce a product that is faulty. If an airbag deploys while you are driving and there is no accident, this is a defect. If metal or any sharp objects shoot out of the airbag when deployed, this is extremely dangerous.

If you have been in an accident and suspected an airbag issue, please call us. We can determine if your car is affected by manufacturer defects, like the Takata products, or part of another recall. You have the right to vehicle safety when you purchase your vehicle. The people in our cars matter, a lot.

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