Across the country, traffic and accident statistics report an increase in car accidents during the holiday season. This can be attributed to drinking and driving, increased traffic, and dulled reactions/ distracted driving. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported a total of 25,956 crashes and 4,101 DUI citations in 2015 with spikes shown during the holiday seasons. Here are our tips for safe driving this holiday season:

Have a Plan

There are an abundant of festive events and holiday parties that take place throughout the month of December. Before you go out, have a plan for getting home with either an Uber, taxi, or a designated driver. Don’t take a chance. You will not want to end the year with a holiday tragedy

Stay Alert

Drivers often have an abundance of distractions rolling through their mind as they try mentally go over their gift buying lists and errands. If a driver has too much going on in their head, then their reaction times will be off. Drive alert and able to react swiftly when neccessary.

Get Enough Rest

Late nights at parties and full days at the office can impair our driving capabilities when we are drowsy. Drowsy driving can be very dangerous to yourself and others. If you feel tired, let an Uber driver help you or set up a carpool with a friend.

The holidays are a magical time and an excellent opportunity to celebrate all the things that make your life so special. Please make sure you drive well rested, without distractions and always sober so that we all can enjoy the holidays.

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