Trentalange & Kelley operates on the principle that they do the right thing, without regard to outward pressures. In health care today, sometimes doing the right thing—to do no harm—runs contrary to the pressures of the system. When individuals are wrongfully harmed by systemic business decisions or practitioners, the attorneys of Trentalange & Kelley tenaciously step forward.

Trentalange & Kelley has quietly become one of the premier medical malpractice firms in Florida. The Tampa-based boutique has compiled a team of dedicated professionals with decades of courtroom experience representing the victims of negligence, injury and wrongful death.

“I was fortunate to have started my career with scrupulously honest and ethical lawyers,” Mike Trentalange recalls. “I learned to focus on everything facing the clients, no matter how trivial. It became my work ethic. In every case, I learned that we all have the obligation to do the right thing and stand up against authority figures when they are wrong.” It is this principle that continues to drive Trentalange and his firm today

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