“The real issue is that medicine is incapable of regulating itself. Doctors, like any other profession or business, will act in their own self-interest and protect their own self-interest. How far they go is an individual choice, depending on the stresses that are on the institution or the doctor. But everyone tries to not discuss what went wrong, to not expose themselves to a medical-legal situation or litigation,” Lawrence Schlachter, MD.


What Dr. Schlachter is describing is not unique to his town or hospital, but a lack of focus on patient care that spans every city and every hospital. Doctors or hospitals can be influenced to protect themselves when a mistake has occurred instead of being forthright and honest.


We don’t think of the medical system in this underhanded way. Most of us believe that good people are working in our healthcare system and that their primary concern is our well-being. Yet, mistakes are happening and selfishly being covered up.


Doctors are seeing more patients and relying on other people such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the patient’s care. While the extra staffing might be beneficial to a doctor’s ability to see more patients and make money, it might not be useful to a patient. Especially if that level of care is significantly different than what a doctor can offer. When mistakes happen, these individuals may align with the doctor in protecting themselves instead of the patients.
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