New Years Driving Safety Tips – From Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer –

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. With all the party invites this month, our road safety decreases as more people take chances with their driving.

A few things you can do to stay safe this holiday season:

Never drive impaired

Make your driving plan before you head out to a party. That can be deciding on a driver that will be sober or calling your local Uber or taxi company to arrange for a safe ride. Don’t take chances on this one. Drive sober only.

Don’t drive drowsy

The holiday season is full of busyness and late night excursions. All the extra demands of the season can leave us drowsy with lower rates of alertness. According to The National Sleep Foundation fatigued drivers cause over 100,000 crashes each year. Please make sure you are 100% rested when you drive.

Don’t drive distracted

We know you have a lot going on this time of year, but when you are driving… JUST DRIVE. This is not the time to check emails, call friends, or be going over your never-ending to-do list. Please, make a concentrated effort to give you the road your full awareness. This will help you react quickly to road hazards, pedestrians, and any impaired drivers.

If you are in an accident this season, call a lawyer. If you are the victim, the other driver could be responsible if he is drowsy, distracted or impaired. We can help.

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