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The average car in the United States tips the scales at over 4,000 pounds. When you have a car crash that involves a pedestrian, the significant amount of weight of the car can be severely damaging to the human bodies no matter what speed the car is moving. The human body can only withstand about 1,500 pounds of pressure before bones crack and organs suffer. With the amount of drivers that are multi-tasking and distracted when driving, the results of an accident with a pedestrian can be severely harmful or even deadly.


How common are pedestrian-related accidents in the United States? Here are some statistics:


-4,735 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes (2013)

-More than 150,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency departments for non-fatal crash-related injuries (2013)

-Over 50,000 bicyclist injuries occurred (2014)


If you are hit by a vehicle, you need to seek immediate care. The damage can cause long-term disability and require more treatments than you might suspect. There are two main categories of fault in pedestrian related accidents:


Driver Was Negligent

It is the responsibility of the driver to be alert to pedestrians on the roadways. If a driver is texting or doing something else that causes a distraction, they may be at fault for the accident. The driver is also at fault if he has ignored crosswalks, traffic signals or is driving over the speed limit. These are road rules that are to be observed and adhered to for the safety of our citizens. Drivers are also negligent if they are driving while intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. When there are pedestrians, especially children like in a school zone, drivers are expected to be driving with caution and awareness.


Pedestrian Was Negligent

There are times when the pedestrian has acted in an unsafe manner that results in the accident. It could be a parent or young child running into the road, not giving the driver enough time to react to the situation. Jaywalking, ignoring “don’t walk” signals, or crossing a highway can be situations where the pedestrian has put themselves in harm’s way. Pedestrians are expected to proceed with caution and adhere to community rules.


A lawyer can help you determine fault and analyze the situation. We want our cities to be safe for foot traffic and walkability.

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