Slip and fall accidents — those involving negligence by a property owner that lead to a hazardous condition which caused someone to slip, trip, or fall and injure themselves — are very common.  Slip, trip, and fall accidents account for over 8 million (21.3%) visits to the Emergency Room each year and are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims of people age 55 and older. Here is a list of the most common locations for slip, trip, and fall accidents to help you remain alert when on the go.


  1. The workplace:  There are dangers associated with any job, and certain professions, like first responders or construction workers, have a higher potential for injury than others.  But, workplace accidents can happen to anyone at any time.  According to the National Floor Safety Institute, employees slipping and falling on slippery floors account for nearly 85 percent of worker’s compensation claims and cost workers and employers an average of 31 lost days of work each year. Other type of workplace accidents include falls or injuries relating to faulty furniture or equipment.


  1. On sidewalks: Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in front of their property to be clear and safe for pedestrians.  They are also responsible for obtaining and maintaining liability insurance that covers slip and fall or trip and fall accidents on sidewalks in front of their property.  Sidewalk falls can occur for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to: obstructions on the sidewalk, failure to repair sidewalks or curbs, failure to clear trash or debris from the sidewalk, failure to properly post warning signs, cones, or markers, or failure to clear wet leaves or snow/ice from a sidewalk.


  1. In rental properties:  Rental property owners and managing agents are responsible for keeping their properties in a reasonably safe condition for everyone on the premises.  However, when they fail to properly maintain their properties and this negligence results in injury or harm, they may be held responsible.  Slip and fall or trip and fall injuries in rental properties can be caused by:  failure to properly maintain stairways, including repairing broken steps, failure to replace light bulbs in hallways and stairwells, damaged or worn carpets or tiles, failure to properly clean up messes or spills in common areas, failure to remove trash, debris, snow or leaves from the sidewalk, failure to address reported repairs, and failure to properly post warning signs when hazardous conditions are present.


  1. In retail stores and supermarkets:  Slip and falls and trip and falls happen very often in retail stores and supermarkets.  If business owners fail to properly maintain their property reasonably safe and someone is injured, they could be held liable.  Slip and fall or trip and fall injuries can occur in retail stores or supermarkets when: debris is left on the floor, food items spill on a floor, proper warning signs are not posted for wet floors, changes in floor height are not properly labeled with warning tape, there is poor maintenance of elevators and escalators, there is not proper crowd control for large events.  Other common accidents in retail stores and supermarkets occur when boxes or products fall from a shelf and injure a shopper.


  1. In health clubs and spas: Health clubs and spas are places where you go to feel better or relax.  They are the last places you’d expect to get hurt, but injuries in health clubs and spas occur due to: wet floors on a gym floor or bathroom, loose electrical wires for sports equipment, torn or worn carpets, loose floor tiles, or faulty equipment.

It is important to stay alert and be cautious when outside of your home. An unexpected slip and fall or trip and fall accident could cause severe or permanent injury to you or a loved one.

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